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July 5 - 10, 2020, 6-9PM!

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Vacation Bible School 2020

During VBS the following practices will be maintained for everyone's safety. 

1. Upon arrival, children will be brought in with parents through the main doors (that will be open to avoid contact with door handles). Please try to respect people's space and keep distance. 


2. All people entering the building (children and adults) will have their temperature taken. Any person with temperature over 100 degrees will be asked to go home. Also, please do not bring your child or enter the building if you or your child (or anyone around you) has had COVID symptoms or been exposed to COVID. We will not ask these questions each time, so please use respect and truthfulness with this process so we don't expose anyone.


3. Children will be signed in via our computer system. A sticker for your child with their name will be printed for them to wear and a sticker for parents' will be printed. The parent sticker is how you will pick up your child at the end of VBS each night. This is for the safety of your child. If you lose the sticker or a different parent picks up the child, an ID will be required matching registration information. 


4. Children will put on their sticker and go to the gym, where they will find their group leader and wait to go to opening rally. 

5. Children will be kept in small groups as much as possible. In all our buildings there are air exchange units running that will help cycle air. (this is the same system restaurants are required to run)

6. Bathrooms are available, but not water fountains. We will have plenty of bottled water and fruit punch available for the children though. Snacks will be given that are all store bought and served with gloves. No homemade snacks this year to avoid any chance of cross contamination. 

7. Hand sanitizer is readily available for all children, adults, and workers. 

8. All bathrooms, door knobs, and tables will be sanitized nightly. 

9. Upon pick up, we ask parents to form a line and we will call children out one at a time to be checked out and dismissed. This is to keep less people from entering and exiting.


10. Any parents that want to enter past the gate, MUST be temperature checked and wear a badge that states they are a parent visitor. This is for safety of children and health. All our workers have been background checked and are well known to us at Monuments Baptist Church. They will be wearing badges that have their name and state they have been background checked. Anyone not wearing a badge is not a worker and should not be in the building without checking in and receiving a visitor badge. 

11. On parent night, each person that attends will be temperature checked upon arrival to keep everyone safe. Please arrive early enough to allow this process to run smoothly. We do have two thermometers to help speed up the process, but it will still take some time. Please be patient with us as we navigate COVID during VBS. 

12. If you notice any problems or notice people on the property that shouldn't be, please let the children's director know immediately! The children's director is Kimberly Kelch. 

Let's have a fun and safe VBS this year!

VBS Procedures:

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