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African Transformative Rehabilitation Ministry

The purpose of the African Transformative Rehabilitation Ministry (ATRM) is to reach African sex workers with the gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them in Bible study and Christian foundations, and assist them to secure respectful employment. Our church is part of this great ministry helping these women financially, through prayer, and through helping with Bible lessons and training.

Writing by the Water

Write Letters

Our special ladies write us and we can write them back. We can share the love of God with these women. We can connect with them on a personal level. We can have as much or as little contact with the ladies as we want. We can even talk to them through zoom.

Prayer Group


Prayer is the greatest gift we can give these ladies. Even if you can't afford to donate to the ministry, you can donate your time in prayer. Bathe these ladies in prayer to keep them encouraged and protected.

Donation Jar

Financial Giving

These ladies sold their bodies to make money for rent and for food for their children. They have given this all up to follow God and live a better life. They are starting their own businesses, but need some financial help during the process. If you can, donate to the ministry. The money goes to pay their rent, buy them clothes, and to feed their family while they get their businesses up and running.

Photos of Our Special Ladies

How can you help or donate? Want more information about this ministry?

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