Online Sermons

During this difficult time in our Nation with the COVID-19 virus, we have chose to record sermons and post them to YouTube to protect our congregation. This is also a great opportunity for us to get our sermons added weekly and available for you to enjoy whenever you need them for any reason. Continue to pray for our Nation and our congregation to stay safe through this time! Below is information on how to find the videos and how to watch them.


You can pull up any Internet browser and open YouTube and find our channel or click the link below to go directly there.

Our YouTube Channel


YouTube does not require you to have an account to watch videos. You only need an account to comment or subscribe.


Once you are on our channel, you can look through the videos and watch them. They are labeled with the Sermon date and title.


Subscribe to our channel if you want to be updated on new sermon and video additions to the channel. This also allows you to find our channel easier in the future.


If you want to share the link of a certain video on YouTube that we have on our channel, then feel free to copy the link and send it to friends, family, and neighbors! 


If you subscribe, you will be informed by YouTube of new videos added. We will also try to announce new videos on our Facebook page as well. If you haven't liked our Facebook page, do it now!